State agencies throughout the country have the opportunity to derive significantly greater value from the property they own and lease.

For more than a decade, the Federal Government has increasingly made more efforts by developing more efficient use of real assets by identifying surplus properties, improving space utilization, reducing operational and maintenance costs, and lessening property expenditures overall. 

Beginning in 2013, Cushman & Wakefield and Leland Consulting Group has worked alongside The State of Oregon to develop an innovative approach when negotiating office leases, mirroring private sector best practices. Saving taxpayers approximately $60 million spread over a five- to seven-year period. 

We deliver a service acumen using a comprehensive service platform.

Our partnership works to help your team elevate existing roles to achieve long term goal initiatives while still meeting daily expectations of the organization. We provide public agencies with a unique partnership to offer a broad range of real estate strategies to optimize portfolio assets, improve workflow, and save money. Money saved can then be reallocated toward achieving your department's mission. 

We work closely with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their unique working dynamics. 

By shifting the day-to-day work of real estate services staff away from leasing (whose workload is typically two to three times greater than their private sector counterparts) they have greater capacity for creating and implementing strategic initiatives and best practices. From the start, our team works closely with staff to set goals and expectations to ensure decisions are well-informed and most productive.  

Our team provides the following services:

  • Statewide Real Estate Portfolio Evaluation and Analysis
  • Real Estate Acquisition and Deposition Services
  • Site Planning, Due Dilligence, and Reuse Strategies
  • Lease Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Alternative Workplace Strategies
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Owner's Representative
  • Valuation and Appraisal

Tailored solutions that provide maximum, measurable outcomes.

Given the significant financial resources invested in real estate assets, accelerated efforts are being made across the country to eliminate surplus properties and identify other cost-savings opportunities through space utilization and consolidation. Savings is achieved by bringing to light the existing conditions facing the public leasing process in order to generate immediate revenue or long-term cash flow by selling or leasing properties. Cost reductions are also achieved by using more effective bargaining tactics on lease terms, lowering operation and maintenance costs, and timing the market for the best leverage.